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Take advantage of your sponsorship operations instantly

Stay in touch with runners and their loved ones for targeted communication campaigns

How does it work?

Does your brand want to communicate with runners and their loved ones to disseminate a targeted offer? Our team is in charge of contacting the organizer and creating the media such as:

– sending of diplomas with a picture of the runner, his statistics, your logo and an associated offer via SMS and Email

– We install a Bot Messenger on your Facebook page to attract all the fans of the competition

We affix your logo to all Kapp10 visuals broadcast on social networks and the giant screen of the event

services coureurs


Live Messenger Tracking

The best way to track multiple runners at each crossing point and create a Facebook community

services digitaux

Live animation Facebook/Twitter

Make your Facebook page the reference media to follow the evolution of the race in real time

gestion compétitions fédérations et ligues

Personalized degree

A diploma with statistics and photo sent by SMS and email from each competitor a few minutes after arrival

Animation écran géant

Giant screen animation

Feed your giant screen and speaker with graphic and dynamic live information.

Customer Case : SFR partner of Grand Raid de la Reunion

All the riders with whom we had the opportunity to exchange were delighted to have received this diploma as a souvenir. The followers really appreciated the novelty brought by the Messenger live tracking and especially the fact that it is accessible to everyone
Julia Gully

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