managing competitions and official results Software Fedmin+

Fedmin+: software dedicated to league and sport's federation who want to manage efficiently theirs championship

Centralise your official sports calendar’s management  with a modular tailor-made tool to configure, manage your events and broadcast results to your licensees.

Paas Software for sport's federation

We have designed a software with more than 100 features feet for specific needs of each discipline: sports federations, private tournament organizers, leagues. This framework, combined with a custom setting enable your organisation to manage your competitions very quickly regardless of the discipline. Tecnical phone support 7/7

Competition Modeling

Design quickly the your championaship architecture. These are available geographically (departmental, regional, national...) and by level (National 1,2,3 Regional 1,2,3)

Score calculation & ranking

The software calculates in real time from the predefined score rules according to a different game format. Cuts management, ascents/descents and qualifications independently

Team management, players

Build teams from a list of players to your events from a listing or your licensed base.

Calendar settings

create your competition calendar according to the specificities of yours disciplines

Entering Score & API Interfacing

Manage scores manually or through a third-party score management solution. Fedmin connect with scoring software to integrate automatically scores generate by external software

Licensed Community Platform

Player get a dedicated pages with a calendar, results, live results, pictures...

Communication, dissemination of results

Broadcast results in real time via channels as website, Chatbot, SMS, diplomas, giant screen

Multi-user management

Assign specific access rights in relation to each member’s roles. (federation members, organisaters, referees, judge, ...)referees

Data Security

Your data are stored securely with a backup

Your sport official competitions step by step

Developed by bricks, the software solution allows you to manage all the stages of official competitions from the creation of competitions to the dissemination of results

logiciel fédérations sportives

Set up all the competitions of your season

In a few minutes, generate all your federal competitions. Create templates to edit the most used competition formats for your disciplines

setup & manage sports events

Automatically or manually, the software collects the scores of each meeting and establishes a ranking according to many parameters (rankings, gender, individual/team…)

logiciel fédérations sportives
logiciel fédérations sportives

Setup& broadcast scores and rankings

Take full advantage of the data generated by your events: Live information, rewards, integration of results in athlete reports. No data is forgotten

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