Performance diploma

Sent a few minutes after arrival to all participants by SMS and email, the diploma is the best communication medium for your races and your partners. Shared massively on social networks, the performance diploma ensures you to be visible to a large community of runners. By using the Performance Diploma, you reward your participants while preparing for future editions.

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Why the personalized diploma?

A unique memory for the runner (a photo and its results) that will enrich the experience of your race.

A unique souvenir

Reward you runners with a personalized visual enriched with race statistics.

Massive visibility on the internet

Ensure optimal visibility on social networks with an average sharing rate of 15% of the degree

Engage your participants

Send an offer or information via a message after the race which ensures a reading rate close to 100%


The diffusion of the diploma being done on telephone, the 1st media consulted by all the participants at the arrival of a race, have the guarantee that your event and your sponsor are seen and seen first!

Template diplôme horizontal KC avec K10

How it’s work ?

  • Kapp10 is responsible for taking a photo of all competitors on the day of the race
  • We collect the data of your timekeeper and edit the diploma
  • The latter is sent a few minutes after the passage of the line by SMS and Email of the participant

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