Giant Screen Animation

Power up your giant screen with exclusive multimedia content and graphics for your race only. Give tangible elements to your speaker with statistics and information on elite and local runners, illustrated with visuals.

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Why giant screen animation?

Make people around your giant screen tickle and live with live, unique content viewing

Multimedia live

During the race, provide the followers with live content to live the race in real time with videos, photos and the time of passage of elite or local runners. This is the right information to keep the public on the spot. This service is also an excellent source of information for the announcer.

Showing a SocialWall

Display all the images, videos and comments of your race posted on social networks, live on your giant screen! The social wall is the best way to live the race live for the spectators.

Infographic statistics

View the statistics of the last elite riders’ confrontations or the times of passage of the previous editions, before the start of the race.

How it works ?

  • Kapp10 creates visuals of runners, compiles statistics of your previous editions and the last confrontations of elites before the race.
  • Our software retrieves the timekeeper’s data at each intermediate point and generates the visuals automatically
  • Kapp10 is responsible for displaying on your giant screen all content posted on social networks with the # of the name of your race (and / or ‘a partner).

Want to know more about this service?

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