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Specialized in the development of sports data, Kapp10 allows leading organizations to become the No. 1 media of its discipline on the internet. From the complete platform to the specific services, disseminate unique information to your licensees to promote your sport on the internet in an engaging and engaging way.

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Our services

Turnkey platform

Turnkey platform

Offer your licensees a personal space with photo integration, results, calendar management and much more

Modules for website

Modules for website

Innovative modules to integrate to your site to manage the official calendar, results, photos of all events in your discipline

Media Consulting

Media Consulting

Set up a winning strategy to recruit new licensees: articles, personalized diplomas, content management related to your sport …

Custom digital services

Custom digital services

Tell us about your digital projects and our team will take care of delivering personalized services to the specificities of your disciplines


Retain your licensees and attract runners to your websites and social accounts by disseminating unique information

Unique services for licensees

Enrich and streamline the display of sports data through web modules developed specifically for the needs of your licensees


Create a massive community around your federation on social networks by taking advantage of your events

One step ahead

Give your federation the opportunity to take a step ahead by integrating our innovative and powerful digital modules into your website

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