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Capitalize on your sports event partnerships to communicate massively with athletes and their loved ones on all digital channels.

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Live Messenger tracking

Live Messenger tracking

By providing unique and innovative information, attract all the fans of the race on one of your Facebook page

Live animation Facebook/Twitter

Live animation Facebook/Twitter

Animate your Facebook page by broadcasting visual and engaging information to fans of the race.

Performance diploma

Performance diploma

A diploma with your statistical logo and photo sent by SMS and email from each competitor a few minutes after arrival

Stand out!

Stand out from the other sponsors of the race by attracting runners and fans with unique information

Facebook Community

Take advantage of the event to communicate effectively with this targeted audience thanks to innovative digital techniques


By becoming THE leading news media, make sure you gain notoriety and convert that audience into online sales

Customer case : SFR


SFR Réunion, a major partner of the event, had the ambition to propose new digital activations for runners and fans. Thanks to Kapp10’s services, SFR was able to inform more than 15,000 people of the position of the runners via a Chatbot Messenger and a Facebook animation, as well as provide a personalized diploma to the 4,000 finishers.

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