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Specializing in the production of enhanced sports information and the acquisition of traffic, Kapp10 provides its media customers (PQR or specialized press) with simple sports data processing solutions.

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Our services

Results Widget

Results Widget

Integrate the results of sports events in your region into your web media

Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget

List all the sporting events in your area, with all their practical information

Community platform

Community platform

Deploy a web platform allowing athletes to manage their season

Traffic acquisition strategy

Traffic acquisition strategy

Leverage Kapp10’s innovative tools to attract a massive audience


Capitalize on the craze around endurance sports to create a massive audience in the geographical area covered by your media

Unique content

Offer effective content and display and become the reference website for sports results research


Create a massive community around your media on social networks by taking advantage of your partnerships

One step ahead

Give your media the opportunity to get a head start with the integration of our innovative and powerful modules

Customer case


Since 2017 and the genesis of the running section project dedicated to running, Kapp10 accompanies Sud Ouest through its integrated tools (widgets, calendar), its treatment of sports data and advice in content creation and acquisition. In total, more than 500 events are covered each year and audiences can reach more than 50,000 SUVs on the most popular races.

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