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Integrate sports results by discipline into your digital edition

With automatic results processing solutions, you can benefit from the results of mass sports competitions in your territory.

Quickly become the reference media for competitive sports news

Generate a massive and targeted audience

By releasing the results weekly in the sports section, make sure to: 
– Boost your audience
– Improve your natural SEO
– Provide services for athletes
– Keep in touch with athletes and followers of events you partner with

intégration résultats sportifs


Here are the various bespoke services we offer…

intégration résultats sportifs

Community Platform

Disseminate all the information related to your competitions (calendar, results, results per athlete) within a dedicated platform.

intégration résultats sportifs

Result Widget

Quickly publish the results of an event on your site regardless of the format of the result source file.

Calendar Widget

A comprehensive calendar of competitions of your discipline to integrate within your site

gestion compétitions fédérations et ligues

Data processing

Feed your giant screen and speaker with graphic and dynamic live information.


SPORTPXL: Unique software solutions for identifying and automatically sending your sports pictures

intégration résultats sportifs

Customer case : Journal Sud Ouest

Since 2017, Kapp10 has integrated all the results of endurance sports into the digital version of the journal. Athletes have become accustomed to seeing the results directly on our site generating some of the best audiences on large-scale events like the Bordeaux Marathon. This targeted audience is based on our governance.
Pierre Yves Crochet
journalist Sud Ouest

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