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Digital solutions to support the digital transition

The turnkey solution specially developed for managing and processing the results of federal competitions.

Software Fedmin+

The turnkey software, online, specially designed for the automation of the management of sports competitions at the federal level. It allows federations to set up all federal competitions and gives management rights to its committees and leagues to manage the organization.

  • Automate and manage the results of your federal competitions
  • Automatically integrate your results and broadcast them in real time on a dedicated platform
  • Add your licensees or teams to a sporting event
gestion compétitions fédérations et ligues

Animation services of licensees

Attract and retain licensees by communicating effectively through innovative official sports channels

gestion compétitions fédérations et ligues

Result processing

Solutions for processing standardization and integration of all results within the "results" section of your site

gestion compétitions fédérations et ligues

Personalized degree

Solution for sending diplomas with statistics and photo sent by SMS and email

Animation écran géant

Giant screen animation

Feed your giant screen and your speaker with graphic and dynamic information live on your French championships

création de site internet

Personalized Services

We listen to your projects or your problems concerning the management of competitions in your discipline

intégration résultats sportifs

Licensed dissemination and archiving of results

Each licensee has its own space in which it finds its results, statistics and photos for each season

services digitaux

Live Messenger Tracking

Messenger alert solutions for a licenced performance


Kapp10 integrates all the results taking place under the our federation every weekend and whose publishing formats at the structure is found on our site a few hours after the end of competitions. Thanks to their team, we have privileged relationships with profiles who know the problems of the actors of the sport and the associative.!
Jacky Baugrand
Vice president FFTRI

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